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IDL's Grading Standards & Methods

IDL has carried out scientific analysis and grading of the Article(s) referred to in this Report, utilizing advanced and up-to-date gemological instruments and equipment available at the time of examination. Evidence of known treatments, simulants and synthetics are detected and disclosed. However, technologies employed in treatments, processing and synthetics are continuously evolving, hence it might not always be possible to determine the origin of the article using the then-latest available techniques.

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The reports describe the characteristics of the jewel after it has been examined using specialized equipment’s including 10X magnification loupe, binocular, microscopes, spectrometers, raman, FTIR's, optical measuring devises and processes as deemed appropriate and allowed by the design and material of the jewel. Diamonds, Gemstones or similar materials are graded as mounting permits. Possible enhancements may not be disclosed.


The carat weight, clarity grade, colour grade and proportions of mounted gemstones can only be estimated; reasonable differences in opinion may result from factors such as lighting, grading techniques, type and condition of the equipment used, and the ability and experience of the gemmologist or appraiser and may differ in the future as a result of changes and improvements in techniques and equipment.

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